Sports can make us do crazy things, and it can also make us do crazy things to other people. Just ask Cameron Luuuke Howell.

Well, you can’t yet, because he’s an infant, but ask him in a few years.

Diehard Carolina Panthers fan DeeJay Howell was “watching OTAs,” and even though he had already decided to name his son after himself, he decided it would be best to name him after his two favorite Panthers players.

From Go Upstate:

“I wanted him to have the same name as mine,” Howell said. “I was watching the OTAs and I seemed more and more hyped about the football season coming up. I thought what better way than to name him after our two future stars?”

“Cameron” comes from Cam Newton, while “Luuuke” is a little more artful. Little Howell is named after star linebacker Luke Kuechly, but with a little homage to the “Luuuke” cheer Panthers fans do every Sunday.

How did Howell know how to spell “Luuuke?” Let him elaborate.

“Put two on there and people will think we misspelled it or something,” DeeJay Howell said. “Three seems more intentional. I want to give props to Luke and his career that he’s had.”

According to Go Upstate, Howell wants to get Newton and Kuechly to sign his son’s birth certificate. After some a big gesture, that only seems fair.

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