Next week’s Super Bowl is set to be played at Levi’s Stadium, which is the home field of the San Francisco 49ers despite its location in Santa Clara. This makes San Francisco this year’s host city, meaning it will be subject to an influx of NFL fans and pervasive league marketing leading up to the game.

As one would expect, many local residents are not very happy with this development, and some have resorted to vandalism to express their displeasure. At the wrong end of these actions is one of the NFL’s garish Super Bowl 50 statures it placed smack in the middle of scenic Alamo Square.

The statue was knocked over two separate times, and the words at its base were rearranged to spell out, “Superb Owl,” and “Oops.”

This particular statue is one of 10 the NFL placed all over the city, each one weighing about 1,600 pounds with self-contained generators to light them up at night.

The Alamo Square statue was not the only one to fall victim to vigilante justice. The one placed in front of City Hall was also preyed on with some clever letter rearrangement as well as in San Francisco Park.

I am not condoning vandalism here, but it is hilarious to think the NFL believed something like this was anything but inevitable.

[SFist/Photo: KGO-TV]

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