NFL kickers get dismissed and ignored all the time, and it isn’t exactly fair considering how important they are in the modern game.

But Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter showed during Saturday’s game against the Dolphins that kickers are not to be messed with, tackling a kick returner, then getting in his face and sparking a major tussle. And all of this happened right in the middle of the opposing sideline.

Picking a fight on the opposing sideline is one of the toughest moves a kicker has ever pulled. Carpenter doesn’t back down, not even for a second. This is a person wanting to sign his own death wish.

Heck, even the Buffalo Bills official account was surprised by the move.

If this ushers in a new era for kickers across the country, we should be all for it. Kickers should start sticking up for themselves and prove they aren’t just a one trick pony.

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