Watch Aaron Rodgers, Chris Paul Make Some Impressive Trick Shots

For years, Dude Perfect has been the biggest name in pointless-but-super-cool basketball trick shot videos. For their latest video they enlisted Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul to help out.

In the six-and-a-half-minute clip, Paul and Rodgers throw footballs and basketball (and even a bowling ball) through an impressive array of obstacles.

Rodgers threw a pass at a target attached to a dude’s head, Paul shot a half-court shot with someone sitting on the back of the rim, Rodgers popped a balloon with a throw, Paul made a shot on a rotating basket, and on and on. There are behind-the-back passes and moving targets and confetti and all sorts of fun stuff.

This video does not solve any mysteries of Dude Perfect, namely, how do they do such crazy stuff and how many tries does it take them? Rodgers and Paul’s shots were impressive, but they don’t stack up against the crazy stunts the Dude Perfect guys — a bunch of dad-bodied — pull off.

Oh also, as part of the video, State Farm (which counts both Paul and Rodgers among its spokesmen) donated $25,000 each to the Chris Paul Family Foundation and the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer fund.

[Green Bay Packers]

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