With their first NHL season on the horizon, the Vegas Golden Knights are pulling out all the stops to ensure this inaugural season will be a special one.

The Golden Knights posted a video of their ice crew imprinting the names of season ticket holders into the ice. The process looked pretty neat. Just like applying a bumper sticker, the crew simply placed the roll of names on the ice, used a squeegee to flatten the sheet and then put a layer of ice over the sheet. The names will be placed right before the blue lines in the ice of T-Mobile Arena.

The Golden Knights’ first preseason game will take place tomorrow and when fans show up, they’ll see a nice touch to the ice. Hopefully season ticket holders will be able to step on the ice and see their name up close. Given that these people were some of the first to believe that Vegas should have an NHL team, it’s gotta be a sweet perk.

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