The action on the ice during an NHL game is an entirely different world which is only exposed when the players or officials wear microphones. The conversations and discussions are usually far different – and far more frequent – than what you might expect if you’re only used to watching games on TV.

Several officials were mic’d up during the opening round of the playoffs and the end result is pretty awesome. Listen as they scold players like a parent would a child, discuss penalties and more.

There’s something hilarious about the officials repeatedly asking “what are you doing?” to players toeing the line of the rule book. It’s also fascinating hearing what goes on down on the ice even in the most heated of moments. Players and officials are pretty civil, even when fighting looks to be an option on the table.

It’s also fun hearing the officials interact with the players in such a casual way, asking them how they are doing and telling Zdeno Chara he still has several years left in the tank.

Videos like this are awesome. Hopefully more editions will be released as the playoffs roll on.

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