Carey Price has consistently been one of the best goaltenders in the NHL over the past few years and is a big reason why the Montreal Canadiens are currently battling in the playoffs. Accolades aside, sometimes even the most dominant goalies are no match for a few beautiful dekes.

In Game 2 of the first round matchup between the Canadiens and New York Rangers, Michael Grabner seized his opportunity and scored what may be viewed as one of the best goals of this year’s playoffs. Grabner intercepted a pass along his own line and used his speed to turn the turnover into a breakaway. He rushed in on Price and then unleashed a series of dekes which left the goaltender helpless.

That’s just filthy. The skill shown here by Grabner is pretty incredible, especially when you factor in that this occurred on the road in a huge playoff game. We’d still praise his moves if this occurred in the shootout of a regular season game, but we’re in awe that he managed to pull this off during such a meaningful game.

You almost have to feel sorry for Price. He tried his best, but Grabner’s moves were so good that he was able to make one of the league’s best look silly.

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