Patrick Eaves

Athletes recovering from a significant injury have to get pretty creative with finding ways to pass the time. Most spend lots of time watching TV or playing video games, but Patrick Eaves has a more nostalgic way of keeping himself occupied thanks to a gift from his mom.

Eaves, who is currently recovering from a serious injury to his right leg, received a LEGO set from his mom to help fight off the boredom.

Eaves talked about his new LEGO set he got from his mom with the Orange County Register:

“She’s funny. She sent me a Lego set of a real car. Seven hours yesterday, I was sitting there putting it together. I got it done. It was obsessive. She knows me pretty well.”

Unfortunately, Eaves didn’t provide a picture of his newly completed LEGO car. Unless Eaves is awful putting these things together, we’re guessing it had to be pretty detailed if it took seven hours.

Eaves added that the gift was perfect since he was already burnt out on TV and reading.

“Especially when you want to be doing something and you’re sitting here watching it. That’s why I did the Lego set yesterday. Just trying to occupy my mind. You can only read and watch TV so much.”

This is a side of hockey – and sports in general – that’s rarely seen and actually pretty refreshing. Athletes are usually pretty difficult to relate with, but it’s safe to say there’s plenty of hockey fans who can relate and would happily bust out some LEGO sets while recovering from an injury.

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