The Chicago Blackhawks were swept out of the playoffs by the Nashville Predators in what might be one of the most surprising results in 2016-17. Following their playoff exit, the Blackhawks had some rather candid comments regarding the series as well as the Predators. Patrick Kane opened up about the Predators’ play style and how he doesn’t think they’re the most entertaining team to watch.

Kane started by revealing that Blackhawks coach called the Predators’ trapping system “Red Rover” before going on to say that he hopes they don’t advance any further.

To be clear, the Blackhawks scored just three goals in four playoff games. By comparison, the Predators scored nine times. How is it that Nashville’s style is boring? If anything, the Blackhawks were the boring side as they failed again and again to break through against the Predators while refusing¬†to alter their strategy.

While Kane was quick to point fingers at the other side, Duncan Keith accepted more of the blame.

Kane’s comments are easy to ridicule. Just like Bruce Boudreau claiming that the Wild were better than the Blues despite their playoff exit, Kane’s comments sound like those from a sore loser who can’t admit that they were bested.

Nashville’s style isn’t boring. The only people who might find it boring are teams who couldn’t adapt against it or those silly people who think that the only exciting NHL game is one that ends with a 6-5 score or with a ton of goals. Some of the most exciting games end in a defensive battle and a 1-0 final and some of the best playoff moments this year were watching the mighty Blackhawks fall unexpectedly to the Predators in four games.

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