I’m still deciding if this is awesome or disgusting. After the Penguins beat the Predators on Sunday to win¬†their second straight Stanley Cup, Pittsburgh fans at the street celebration started taking bites out of raw catfish.

Now, this wasn’t just some drunken impulse. It all started with a Predators fan chucking a catfish onto the ice during Game 1 in Pittsburgh. His peers drew inspiration from that courageous act, and fans tossed a few different things on the ice — including more catfish — during Game 3 in Nashville.

Catfish is tasty, and that’s a great trolling move by Penguins fans. Eating it raw … well, that’s quite bold.

We go live to Pittsburgh where they're eating catfish

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Sorry, Nashville fans. I hope food poisoning for your opposing fans is enough of a consolation.

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