Things got a little crazy at the Easter Cup, an annual under-16 hockey tournament in the Czech Republic, as the two teams competing in the bronze medal game engaged in a wild brawl which even included a referee joining in on the punching.

As the game ended between Belarus’ HC Brest and Slovakia’s Liba Academy 11 Kosice, the winning team dished out a huge hit. This brought the two sides together to discuss things, but it looked like everything would be resolved peacefully.

Not so much. Watch as things escalated into a huge brawl which saw the ref get jumped.

What a wild, crazy scene. How often do you see an official throwing punches at a teenage player?

This could’ve gotten really ugly, but the official was able to drag his attacker down to the ice and get in a few shots before the other team assisted in breaking things up. You can’t really blame the ref for defending himself when placed in this kind of situation. The official should be a bit upset with his partner who watched as the attack developed instead of backing up his friend in stripes.

Thankfully, it looks like there weren’t any serious injuries during all of the chaos.

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