Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Chris Boswell is used to doing plenty of kicking, but on Thursday night he was the subject of some kicking, as the staff at the PPG Paints Arena kicked him out of Game 5 between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators.

Why? According to Boswell, he was ejected for banging on the glass.

That means Boswell was apparently tossed a little more than halfway through the third period.

If you’re thinking there must be more to this story, you’re probably right. Fans aren’t ejected for banging on the glass unless they’ve already received plenty of warnings and are also being generally disruptive to the fans around them. As annoying as banging on the glass is for everyone, it’s extremely rare for it to actually lead to anything, let alone an ejection.

Boswell may have done a bit more than he’s letting on as it really does seem crazy he’d get kicked out for something just about every fan sitting by the glass does regularly.

For what it’s worth, Boswell wasn’t the only member of the Steelers in attendance.

Boswell was closer to the action, but maybe in the future he should sit with his team to make sure he’s not tempted to bang on the glass again.

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