Elon softball players totally underwhelmed by new uniform reveal

We’ve all seen videos where college teams reveal new uniforms, or helmets, or team facilities, any of which tend to leave the players on the team stunned or excited or speechless. This is not one of those videos. Instead, this is Elon’s softball team getting a surprise reveal of their new uniforms. Let’s take a […]

Donald Trump shouts out Bob Kraft, Tom Brady

Donald Trump tells Bob Kraft “Your friend Tom just called, he feels good”

The links between president-elect Donald Trump and the New England Patriots got even more explicit Thursday night, with Patriots’ owner Bob Kraft attending one of the events leading up to Trump’s inauguration and Trump referencing him, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in his speech. “In the audience, we have somebody that’s under no pressure at […]


End of the rainbow: man who stole NYC pot of gold caught in Ecuador

Generally, I don’t pull for criminals. The world isn’t a movie, and if people are willing to break the law, that’s not really a good thing. But sometimes, the crime itself is so brazen, foolhardy, and not violent or harmful, that you kind of just want to see the perp get away with it. This […]

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Fight among brothers turns deadly because of Packers-Cowboys game

The outcome of the Green Bay Packers/Dallas Cowboys playoff game turned deadly for one Las Vegas family. After getting drunk and watching the game, brothers Justin (40) and Robert Boyer (46) got into an argument which resulted in Justin attacking Robert. In self defense, Robert stabbed Justin multiple times and Justin later died after crawling […]


Woman sentenced for channeling inner Mike Tyson and biting cop’s ear

A Massachusetts woman is heading to prison after biting off a piece of a police officer’s ear. The Boston Herald reports that 19-year-old Emma Wiley was sentenced to a total of four years in prison on two charges stemming from a late night fight and the bite itself. Wiley got into a fight with another woman […]


Pixar just linked all the movies in their universe

Pixar movies are all interconnected with various easter eggs like the Pizza Planet truck or John Ratzenberger’s voice. This week, Disney proved they’re all interconnected with obscure character easter eggs too. The video itself is pretty cool. It takes you through every single movie Pixar has made (all 17 of them) and shows you one instance where […]


That’s not nice – the New Zealand national cricket team has banned #69

Players on New Zeland’s national cricket team that want to pick a very nice jersey number will need to instead choose one that isn’t nice at all. No cricketer for New Zealand has ever worn #69, which was first noticed by Calum Henderson of The Spinoff when Lockie Ferguson made his debut for the national […]

Woody Johnson

Jets owner Woody Johnson named ambassador to United Kingdom

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson is getting a new role in the coming weeks – he’s been tabbed as the new ambassador to the United Kingdom by President elect Donald Trump. Trump announced the appointment during a luncheon. President-elect Donald Trump said on Thursday that National Football League team owner Woody Johnson was “going […]

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel has turned over a new leaf, and dammit, he means it this time

Former Texas A&M and Cleveland Browns quarterback (and also, TMZ front page magnet) Johnny Manziel went on a brief tweetstorm Thursday afternoon, clarifying some details about his autograph signing during Super Bowl week and seemingly attempting to repent for some of his past missteps. First, Manziel shot down the rumor that he would be charging […]

OXFORD, MS - NOVEMBER 26:  Quincy Adeboyejo #8 of the Mississippi Rebels has a pass go through his hands during a game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on November 26, 2016 in Oxford, Mississippi.  The Bulldogs defeated the Rebels 55-20.  (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Mississippi lawmaker wants to fight back against NCAA investigations

NCAA investigations have the tendency to go on and on and on. For example, the Syracuse University basketball and football investigation stretched from December 2nd, 2010 to March 6, 2015. As a result of the NCAA’s resume for stretching out investigations, Mississippi lawmakers want to fight back against the drawn out process. A lawmaker in Mississippi […]


The Raiders have filed relocation paperwork to play in Las Vegas

The slow and agonizing process of the Oakland Raiders’ new stadium is closer to reaching a conclusion and some Raiders fans will not like this. Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak tweeted that the Raiders have officially filed the necessary paperwork to relocate from Oakland to Las Vegas. The NFL also released a statement in […]