An alternate ending for the classic Steven Spielberg film Jurassic Park has surfaced online. The new ending would have dramatically changed how the dinosaur action-adventure ended.

Phil Tippett, who was an effects specialist on Jurassic Park, posted storyboards featuring a different ending on the Jurassic Time Facebook page this week. Their authenticity has been confirmed.

The change would shift the ending of the film away from the Jurassic Park entrance hall and instead have a T-Rex chase the kids. In a sequence that’s Jaws-esque. The T-Rex would then try to take down the helicopter as the protagonists got away safely.

Making the T-Rex a hero instead of a villain was the right call. There’s something perfect about how the raptors chase the kids through the entrance hall in one of history’s most tense film sequences, only to get their comeuppance from the big dinosaur. Seeing the T-Rex attempt to take down the helicopter would have been pulse-pounding as well but likely wouldn’t have the same impact the actual ending did.

The original ending is truly iconic. Spielberg and the Jurassic Park team made the right choice. Although, it’s neat to see a new ending emerge decades after the film came out.

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