It’s been years since Adam Sandler made a film that was good, funny, or both.

In his heyday, Billy Madison was one of Sandler’s best films before we started getting tired of the same schtick time after time with Sandler’s cinematic efforts. The film still holds a special place in Sandler’s heart, as he discussed on Conan on Wednesday night.

Among the fondest of those memories? Chucking dodgeballs at six-year olds.

Sandler particularly took joy in the reaction of the parents of the young child actors who were on the receiving end of Sandler’s adult-speed dodgeball antics.

“I hit some kid pretty hard and he gets upset and starts crying.”

He went on to explain how parents started coming up to him with concerns. After explaining the scene to them and asking if they read the script, Sandler went on to say he wouldn’t do it anymore, only to go ahead and perform the scene as written anyway.

Here’s how Sandler told the story to Conan:

Can you blame Sandler though? Those O’Doyles were so unlikable.

Like all Adam Sandler comedy, it walks a line between kind of funny and horribly immature. But the dodgeball scene was pretty funny, to be honest, and you can’t exactly bring in stunt doubles for children.

So we’ll allow it.

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