In Adam Sandler’s varied movie career, he has done sports movies about football and golf. He has never done a basketball movie, well maybe Grown Ups is. But after seeing Sandler play, maybe he should do one.

As his newest movie Sandy Wexler premiered today on Netflix, Sandler was at Duke University for a show. Sandler went there to shoot some hoops with fellow colleagues David Spade, Nick Swardson and Rob Schneider. Duke’s Luke Kennard, who just declared for the NBA Draft, joined in and played a pickup game in Durham.

Granted, the guy is 50-years-old but Adam Sandler can ball. This isn’t anything new as there’s clips out there of Sandler throwin’ it down.

I’ll say this, Adam Sandler’s movies are generally terrible but at least he seems to have fun doing them. And if someone is willing to give him millions to do that, then he’s living a dream we all would like to have.

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