After President Donald Trump fired James Comey as FBI director Tuesday, many people are wondering who the President will call to be the head of the intelligence group. While the actual news of a U.S. President firing the person who was tasked to investigate his ties to Russia is very serious and potentially damaging to the country, some people are trying to find the humor.

One such person is Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt, who brought back one of his characters to have him become the new FBI director.

I’m going to be honest. With the state of the federal government the way it is, a real life version of Burt Macklin from Parks and Recreation would probably be more qualified for that position than most people in Washington would be in theirs.

We could go down a rabbit hole of people from TV shows and movies who would be suitable candidates for the top position of the FBI.

You can’t go wrong with Mulder and/or Scully from the X-Files. The fact they were tasked with investigating paranormal activity, they had to have seen some things. Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks and his no-nonsense demeanor would also be great.

Russian and U.S. officials seem to be all over the place in regards to Comey’s firing. One such person who responded was Russian President Vladimir Putin. Decked out in hockey gear, Putin was stopped by CBS News Elizabeth Palmer before taking the ice to ask him how Comey’s firing affects U.S.-Russian relations. Putin’s response was…well what you would expect from Putin.

After saying that the question “looked very funny,” Putin said there would be no effect on relations and then talked about going on the ice to play hockey where he’ll probably score 10 goals because everyone will be afraid to defend against him for fear of never being heard from again.

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