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Middlebury College is banning on-campus sales of energy drinks and the reason why is amazing. According to the school, the drinks cause “problematic behavior” such as the abuse of “intoxicating” substances and “high-risk sexual behavior.” The ban will block the sale of previously available energy drinks Red Bull and 5-hour ENERGY.

Time reports dining services posted a flyer stating a university wide-ban on energy drink would take place today.

“Energy drink consumption facilitates unhealthy work habits such as prolonged periods of sleeplessness, contributing to a campus culture of stress and unsustainable study habits, reads the flyer.”

I mean, I get the school’s thinking with the ban, but it still doesn’t quite make sense. Yes, banning energy drinks means students won’t be putting a drink in their body which can negate sleep and cause negative side effects if overly consumed (ban soda next!), but the reason for the ban is silly.

Energy drinks aren’t some kind of aphrodisiac or gateway drug which causes people to get it on. From my college experience, people drank them when studying for tests when struggling to stay awake. I mean, they may have used them for sexy reasons too, but there were plenty of reasons for its consumption positive or negative.

The ban reportedly comes from an intern who presented scientific studies at a Community Council meeting, showing “25 percent of current drinkers combine alcoholic beverages which energy drinks.” So what? What’s wrong with that? It’s not exactly the healthiest combination, but it’s not like drinking poison as long as you’re consuming them carefully. Students should have the choice whether to consume energy drinks and linking it to some bullshit reason like increased sexual activity (which is bad apparently?) is just an excuse to outright ban them.

Besides, it’s not like the drinks themselves are completely banned from campus – they’re just banned from being sold on campus. Students can roll down to a local grocery or convenience store, stock up on their energy drink of choice, and would be good to go. All Middlebury is doing is removing a product that will bring in some revenue! Shame on you Middlebury College.


[Time, Image via the Washington Times]

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