DC’s television efforts may be highlighted by the lineup on CW featuring Arrow and The Flash, but over on FOX, the tales of Gotham City continue to be explored among somewhat mixed reviews.

Gotham, the tale of the demise of Gotham City to a world of crime at a time before Batman has arrived on the scene, is preparing for its fourth season on the network. And while Batman is not a part of the story at this point in time, the story following a young Bruce Wayne is appearing to dig deeper into Bruce’s transformation into the caped crusader.

David Mazouz has been portraying the younger version of Bruce Wayne on the series, and last season started to take those first few steps toward a life as the Dark Knight. In season four, the continued journey of Bruce to a crime-fighting future appears to be a focus. We will even see Wayne getting in costume, but not THAT costume.

An early look at the upcoming season, which begins on September 21 on FOX as the series moves to Thursday nights (who wants to go up against Monday Night Football anyway?), teases what to expect from Wayne this season. Each season has had a bit of a theme attached to it, such as “Rise of the Villains.” On ABC, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did something similar last season to break the season into three separate portions; one focusing primarily on Ghost Rider, Life Model Decoys, and Agents of Hyrdra storylines. Pay particular attention to the theme of this upcoming season.

Long-time Batman fans may have caught a quick glance at a familiar shot in that teaser trailer from FOX. Take a look at this shot from the teaser…

This particular shot bears a strong resemblance to one of the iconic shots of Batman, made popular by Batman: The Animated Series 25 years ago.

Gotham has had its fair share of critics, but the series has had some enjoyable moments Batman fans have enjoyed. This season looks to get closer to Batman’s role in the city, which will be welcomed by many who have refrained from getting too invested in the show. After all, at some point, a show about Gotham City has to be more about the biggest character DC has to offer.


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