The Golden Gate Bridge.

A trolley car going up a steep hill.

The ‘Painted Lady’ Victorian homes.

They’re all images that immediately conjure San Francisco. More specifically, however, they also conjure the image of a very specific TV show to a certain generation. That TV show was “Full House,” the story of Danny Tanner and his expanded family. It was one of the iconic sitcoms of the 80’s and Netflix was kind(?) enough to bring it back for a reboot/continuation as “Fuller House,” which is set to premiere on February 26, 2016.

In the interim, Netflix released a teaser trailer for the show on Thursday, full of those aforementioned images as well as shots of the familiar kitchen, living room and front door. The returning (and new) cast-members are coming home and we hear them spout some of their catchphrases and familiar banter from the other side of the door. Inside, a golden retriever puppy awaits their arrival.

All of the original cast members will return in some capacity except for Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, who alternated the role of Michelle Tanner.


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