Sir Patrick Stewart (as an American, I don’t have to say Sir, but in the case of Patrick Stewart, I’m absolutely going to say it, because he’s awesome) was at the Canadian Grand Prix today in Montreal, and present at the podium after the race.

Third-place driver Daniel Ricciardo was being interviewed when he was asked by the crowd to take a swig of champagne from his driving shoe, a signature celebration. He did so, and then offered the 77-year-old Stewart the same opportunity, which Stewart took with delight.

Sky Sports presenter Martin Brundle interviewed [Stewart] on the grid and he reappeared at the end of the race to conduct the interviews on the podium. Ricciardo finished on the bottom step of the podium for the third consecutive Grand Prix and was delighted to be the fastest non-Mercedes driver.

The Australian interrupted his own interview to respond to calls from the crowd to whip out his signature celebration – a “shoey”.

“There’s something I have to do,” Ricciardo said before whipping off his shoe and filling it with champagne.

He downed the drink to the adulation of the supporters watching as Sir Patrick looked on. In jest, Ricciardo offered the 76-year-old a “glass” but was shocked when he agreed to have one.

Very important video footage:

And also there was this pun:

As always, Sir Patrick Stewart is living his best life, which he more than deserves.

(Also he should have played Dumbledore. How did that not happen? How?)

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