Bull Durham is a consensus choice for one of the best baseball movies, if not one of the best sports movies, of all time. It came out in 1988, though, so the odds of a sequel coming out now seemed long regardless of Hollywood’s love affair with all things redo.

Of course, there can be no sequel without Kevin Costner, who was asked about the possibility during a visit to The Dan Patrick Show.Β His response, in summation:

“I’ll do a sequel.”

Costner’s enthusiasm was not unbridled, however. He points toward the way sequels are made today and how it is all just a sorry excuse for a money grab.

“You see these sequels or the sequel comes out after a movie you maybe like, it’s not very good. Then they go ‘We apologize for that second one, we’re going to make a third one.’ And you just realize that they are just backing that truck in and seeing how big of a shovel they can get and throwing the money at it.Β Think about how many times you hear ‘I apologize for that second one.’ It’s like really? It’s a pretty good business, the apology business.”

Costner has a good point. While a second Bull Durham would be fascinating, and potentially a worthy idea, is it worth risking the reputation of the original?

But that’s the question with every sequel, and it doesn’t usually stop them from getting made.

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