In 2008, BBC produced the mini series House of Saddam. In 2016, the world witnessed The Young Pope. In the near future, a TV series about Muammar Gaddafi could arrive on TV screens across the globe.

Roberto Saviano, the creator of Gomorrah, is the man behind the drama about Libya’s tyrant entitled Gaddafi. Entertainment One and Palomar are also on board to develop the new series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Saviano will write the series with Nadav Schirman, best known for writing and directing The Green Prince.

“This is a TV series about a warrior, a dreamer, who becomes a savage and merciless tyrant. A multimillionaire oil tycoon and a vicious oppressor,” Saviano said in a statement.

Saviano’s biggest hit, Gomorrah, aired on Sundance TV and was based on a best-selling book written by Saviano. The crime series is also Italy’s most popular TV show ever.

“We are delighted to have Roberto and Nadav on board this impressive project. Roberto’s commitment to research and his ability to weave the details of Gaddafi’s rise and fall into a tapestry of captivating storytelling will make for great television,” Carrie Stein, executive vp global production at eOne Television, said in a statement.

Saviano and Schirman will both write and produce the series with Stein and Polly Williams overseeing production for eOne, who has the worldwide rights to the show. Carlo Degli Esposti and Nicola Serra will oversee the project for Palomar as well.

This is a very interesting development. In an age when shows about real crime and both real and fake major political figures are doing so well, this group has decided to make a TV series about an extremely controversial (to put it mildly) tyrant. It’s too bad we already know how it’ll end.

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