Netflix is days away from releasing the fifth season of its hit political drama House of Cards, which for some will come at a great time to escape the reality of the actual real-world political scene coming out of Washington D.C. these days.

Of course, the lines between fiction and reality are becoming blurred in the early going of the Donald Trump administration, and that leaves House of Cards in a somewhat difficult spot to come up with something unique to focus on in a pending sixth season.

Robin Wright, who stars as First Lady Claire Underwood to Kevin Spacey’s dirty and cunning president Frank Underwood, joked about the challenges to come up with a plot for season six in an interview with Variety promoting the show. As Wright says, the headlines coming out of D.C. are stealing the lightning for the show.

For those who have never watched the Netflix series, and without giving away many spoilers, House of Cards tells the story of how Frank Underwood maneuvers his way up through the D.C. ranks with the support of Claire to ascend to the Oval Office. And let’s just say, these two are never afraid to play dirty, even when it pits the two of them against each other. Cover-ups, plotting against other politicians, setting others up to look bad is all a part of the master plan to take over D.C. from the most powerful desk there is.

Until now, House of Cards has been a nice little distraction from the real politics of the world, but the stories seem to become all too real. How House of Cards keeps it all going with their unique twist on D.C. politics remains to be seen.

Season five of House of Cards will be released on Netflix on May 30. You can binge watch the previous four seasons right now before the new season is released.

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