Full disclosure: I run our weekly Game of Thrones roundtables, in which a group of us recap the previous episode and preview the next one. I have recapped a bunch of shows for The Comeback and I love doing it.

Apparently, that means Rush Limbaugh thinks I’m crazy, according to a post on his website titled “Millennials Write About TV Shows Like They’re Real.”

Here’s an excerpt:

“How many of you watch Game of Thrones? I watch Game of Thrones. I read Millennials review of each episode. It’s become a fun thing for me to do. I purposely seek out entertainment, even tech, websites that I know are written by Millennials.

“Folks, it is amazing. They write not just about this show, shows they like, they write about these shows as though they’re real. As though the characters are real. As though the events are real. As though the time spent watching these shows is actually real as opposed to entertainment like going to a baseball or football game, being a diversion from reality, being an escape from reality. This is it.”

It’s lit. Limbaugh has discovered how my brain processes Game of Thrones. He has discovered our big secret here at The Comeback. Here’s my secret: I recap the shows solely because this past March, a group of us went on a trip to Westeros where we got to meet Jamie Lannister and see The Wall in person. Folks, it is HUGE.

OK, back to reality. As a TV recapper, I can say with absolutely certainty that I do not recap shows (Game of Thrones, Westworld, Homeland, etc.) because I think they are real. I recap them because I enjoy taking an analytical look at the shows that I love.

My favorite TV writer at the moment is Vanity Fair‘s Joanna Robinson and she put it best when asked repeatedly how she could enjoy writing 5+ articles about every GoT episode:

Robinson said it best and I think the same applies here at TCB; we nitpick the shows and enjoy them! One of my favorite parts of the GoT group recaps we do is reading what others think about the major scenes from every episode and if I agree with them or not.

But let’s get back to Limbaugh. It is a little ridiculous that he believes he can say he loves to read the recaps and then thinks the recaps themselves are ridiculous. If the people writing the recaps think the show is real, wouldn’t Limbaugh think the same to an extent since he loves reading them?

The volume of recaps being written right now reflect the current state of television. With NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, HBO, Showtime, Starz, Netflix, Amazon, and more all churning out great TV, we are in an era of “Peak TV” so naturally there are a lot of pieces being written right now.

Ah, but wait — his grumblings don’t stop at the recaps. Instead, the real core of his argument has to do with millennials and their love of cell phones and technology:

“But this stuff that they’re writing about, these are not just Millennials, it’s the generation following Millennials. The iGen it’s being called, iGen like iPhone, about how horribly stunting of growth this kind of existence is, and, as I say, a lot of this stuff is overdone and is reactionary and exaggerated. But I tell you, when I read reviews of these shows, they don’t look like reviews that I remember of movies or TV shows when I was younger and watching them.”

Reading through Limbaugh’s post again, I’m thinking Limbaugh only talks about Game of Thrones recaps and TV recaps as a whole to get people to read his rant about millennials, but we will not entertain that.

Instead, I’ll leave it with this: thank you, Rush Limbaugh for finally coming up with something that millennials aren’t killing. Today is a great day. Long live TV recaps.

[Rush Limbaugh]

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