Over the past year, cast members and producers of Arrested Development were probably and understandably sick of having to answer questions about if there would be a season five. Now, we finally got confirmation from Netflix that season five is a go, set for a 2018 release.

After three seasons on Fox, the critically acclaimed but low rated show was cancelled in 2006. Fans kept the cult classic alive via DVD’s and streaming platforms like Netflix to the point where Netflix brought the show back in 2013 for season four.

Season four wasn’t as warmly received among fans and reviewers but I must say that I didn’t have an issue with the show. Sure, it’s not as good as the first three seasons and I find myself not quoting as much from season four than I do the other three seasons but the disjointed nature of the season was a necessity in order to have the entire cast involved. Trying to get nine principal cast members to all be available at the same time without at least having a few years in advance is a bit tough. Especially since I imagine the cast was probably doing Arrested Development for the love of the show and not for the money so it’s understandable that the gig that pays more would be the one that takes precedence. And besides, I’ll take a terrible season of Arrested Development than 90% of what’s currently on TV.

Thankfully, it seems like we won’t need to worry about that in season five as all the cast members have been signed on to film at the same time. So like Coke bringing in Coke Classic to replace New Coke, it seems like Netflix is doing the same with Arrested Development.

But despite the season five announcement, there was some potential bad news with Netflix and Arrested Development. When season five was announced, Netflix users noticed in their queue that the show was set to only be available through May 26.

Thankfully, Netflix commented on Twitter that it wasn’t the case and we will be able to enjoy Arrested Development for the foreseeable future.

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