Ben Sasse photoshop

The Nickelback news cycle has struck again. The Canadian rock band is really, really loved by their fans and really, really hated by many others, which has led to a lot of stories involving them over the years (such as when they lost a Facebook popularity contest against a pickle, or when NFL and CFL fans got mad at them being booked for halftime performances, or the time they started trolling haters on Twitter, or when someone tried a crowdfunding campaign to ban them from London, England.

The latest? Critics of U.S. Republican senator Ben Sasse (the junior senator from Nebraska) and his work on the proposed Obamacare repeal apparently decided to subscribe his e-mail address to Nickelback fan newsletters:

Well, the internet seems to find it pretty funny. Especially The Weekly Standard‘s Jim Swift, who made this amazing photoshop of Sasse’s tweet framed inside the titular item from the “Photograph” music video:

Look at that photograph. Every time I do, it makes me laugh. It’s how it reminds us of what we really are, and it’s not like the internet to say sorry. And if Sasse wants to be a leader of men, he’ll have to figure out how to unfollow. Or else just burn the web to the ground.

[Jim Swift on Twitter]

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