Snoop Dogg is going to host a reboot of The Joker’s Wild on TBS

This reboot is gonna be lit.

The iconic 1970s and 80s game show The Joker’s Wild is coming back to TBS later in 2017 with a twist. Former hosts Jack Barry, Bill Cullen, Jim Peck, and Pat Finn won’t be coming back. Instead, this guy will be the new host.

Snoop Dogg is slated to host the reboot of the famous game show on TBS later this year. The show will be rebooted as a half-hour series with “new games and a comedic edge” according to Deadline. TBS made the announcement as part of its upfronts presentation on Wednesday in New York.

“When you hear the words ‘game show host,’ Snoop Dogg probably isn’t the first name to pop into your head,” TBS executive Michael Bloom said. “But it turns out he is a great fit that brings passion to this game show with a laid-back vibe to the casino-inspired craziness surrounding him.”

The new version of The Joker’s Wild will be set in Snoop’s “own casino” and produced by Sony Pictures TV in association with TBS’ parent Turner’s Studio T. It will still feature the big slot machine, though new mini-games are replacing trivia questions. Other new additions include huge dice, playing cards, “streetwise questions” (whatever that means), and problem solving.

“I’m a huge fan of game shows and The Joker’s Wild was my favorite show growing up,” Snoop said. “It always matched the flavor and personality of Snoop Dogg. Me and the Snoopadelic team are excited to bring back the show and put my own personal touch on it. Get ready, ya’ll, it’s gonna be a wild ride!”

The producers for the show form quite the star team: Snoop Dogg, Michael Strahan, SMAC’s Constance Schwartz-Morini, Snoopadelic Films’ Ted Chung, and Vincent Rubino.

I hate using this word, but this show is going to be “lit.”

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