Ken Bone’s 15 minutes don’t look like they’ll be up anytime soon and if we could advise him on his newfound fame, we’d say DEFINITELY take up this offer!

If you ever questioned Twitter’s value or purpose, you’re now officially dead to me now as this is my favorite tweet of 2016.

Despite being limited by 143 characters (which he didn’t even need all of because he’s so damn amazing), Snoop packed in quite a bit into this one tweet.  Let’s break this down:

– It starts with a compliment. That’s nice of Snoop.

– Then a friendly suggestion. Snoop genuinely cares about Ken’s appearance. You’re a good man Snoop. What type of blue do you recommend?

– And finally a friendly invitation, one almost all of us dream of getting (minus boring people).

A compliment, a suggestion, and an invitation all in one tweet. Snoop is just the king of Twitter. Ken if you’re reading (there is no way you are), can you just do this? I don’t care if you’re not a Snoop Dogg fan, or don’t smoke weed, or hate traveling, or don’t want your newfound fame/brand being associated with smoking some blunts with Snoop (I think that’s what he’d smoke, but that’s based on the TON of images and videos of him smoking weed that exist in media).


I totally get why this wouldn’t make sense for you but let’s be real- years from now when this has cooled down and your life more or less is the same as it is now, you’ll regret the shit out of not going to the crib and smoking 1 wit tha dogg. Don’t have that regret. That’s one you’ll never forgive yourself for.

Now go get that blue sweater and bring over a nice bottle of Chianti and prepare to get super high. You only live once and while I’m just now realizing this is digital peer pressure to tell you to do something illegal and frowned upon, I’m 100% confident this is best advice you’ll get today and maybe ever. Do it Ken.



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