Vegas, baby! Except, well, not so much. On paper this episode looked like gold. Ship off the 15 remaining ladies to Sin City and see what happens. Unfortunately for us viewers, not much did.

JoJo was the first gal to be granted a one-on-one date with Ben — that is if you consider a dinky helicopter ride a date. Why Higgins is so obsessed with aerial transportation is unclear. He’s made out with more girls in the sky this season that he has on land. Maybe by next week he’ll be more successful in figuring out how to get that lip-action going over the headset and microphone.

As for the rest of JoJo’s date… was there even a second activity? If so it certainly wasn’t a memorable one. Or at least not as memorable as the group “talent” — and I use that word lightly — show. Olivia was the clear star of the event, but more on that later.

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