A lot of people watched Game 7 between Los Angeles and Chicago

The Kings-Blackhawks series was one of the best in recent memory. Many hockey fans, including our very own Steve Lepore, labeled the LA-CHI series as the best of the post-lockout era and that was before Game 7 even took place. Heading into the decisive game, it was safe to assume that the broadcast would generate some big ratings.

Game 7 delivered bigger ratings than you may have expected, as reported by Lepore.

Wow. That’s an impressive stat, but it doesn’t even tell the whole story. Game 7 between Chicago and Los Angeles was a historic broadcast for NBCSN.

What about the playoffs as a whole?

Overall, this year’s postseason has been extremely exciting and it has led to some huge ratings. The first round was one of the craziest and most enjoyable in years. The second round had a tough act to follow and ultimately couldn’t follow up the exhilarating opening round, but it was far from boring. The third round, the final roadblock between teams and the Final, raised the bar mostly in part to the Blackhawks and Kings.

Will the Final continue the trend and generate a record audience?

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