Anaheim Ducks roll out updated uniforms

The Anaheim Ducks will be sporting a new look in 2014-15. Prior to the start of the NHL Draft, the Ducks announced they’d be abandoning the uniforms which have the “Anaheim Ducks” spelled out on the front in favor of the webbed “D” which they’ve been wearing on their alternate sweater.

Here are the new home and away uniforms, which look a lot like the alternates. The new home and road jerseys will have orange surrounding the numbers (alternates have gold) and the away uniform will now have black on the shoulders.

The old home and away uniforms (seen below) may have been one of the worst designs in the league. The “Anaheim” always looked like it was thrown in as an afterthought and the crazy alignment/centering always was a bit irritating. Good riddance, old sweaters!


Now that the Ducks have new home and away jerseys, you have to imagine that they’ll be rolling out a new alternate in the near future. As of now, the alternate isn’t really an alternate as it matches the new home and road uniforms. We’d all love to see the Ducks pay tribute to their Mighty history, but that may be a bit of a pipe dream.

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