Blackhawks fans hypocritically push to ban “The Stripper”

I think this comes with age. Perhaps it comes with life experience in general. I just don’t get worked up about small injustices anymore. By “small injustices” I don’t mean the pay gap between men and women, or the fact that internationally women are still subjugated by men in a generally paternalistic world-view that’s so prevalent.

I suppose that playing David Rose’s “The Stripper” is a small sample of the latter that I mentioned.

Here it is in case you haven’t heard it:

There is a bit of wink-wink nudge-nudge going on at Blackhawks games whenever a pretty lady gives it a shot at Shoot the Puck. And I’m sorry, in the grand scheme of things as a woman, I do not care.

Does it objectify the woman? Only if you perceive it as doing so. You give the non-lyrical music that power, not the music itself. Some may perceive it as just fun and the ladies who participate in the competition know it’s going to be played and seem to be OK with it.

At the Blackhawks fan convention in July, fans openly questioned management about it, and they reacted how you would expect them to.

The most comical thing to me regarding this situation, other than an indignation over a song which was published in 1962, is the lack of indignation over a song released in 2006.

This one:

You know, the one actually about a prostitute. The one the Blackhawks use as their goal song. I’m missing the petition on that one. Can someone point me the direction of that?

Because these lyrics might be worse than none at all:

Well, you must be a boy with bones like that
She said, “You got me wrong”
I would’ve sold them to you if I could’ve
Just to keep the last of my clothes on, oh yeah

Call me up, take me down with you when you go
I could be your regular belle
And I’ll still dance for little Steven and Joanna
‘Round the back of my hotel, oh yeah

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