Bob McKenzie: Bruins aren’t quite as good this year

Bob McKenzie took to TSN radio to discuss a variety of different NHL topics. One of those was the Boston Bruins and whether or not they’re a better team this year compared to last year. McKenzie’s answer may not resonate well with Bruins fans.

McKenzie’s full statement surrounded the best teams in the East last year and how seemingly none of them (on paper) improved this summer. This includes the Bruins, but also called out the Rangers and Blue Jackets.

Is he correct in his assessment? The Bruins are still a formidable team, but there certainly are more questions going into 2014-15 than there were in 2013-14. No one should underestimate the Bruins, but it’s possible they’re not the same contenders we saw last season. The jury may still be out on the Penguins and most would agree that the Rangers and Blue Jackets still have a lot to prove.

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