Brad Marchand hates Tomas Plekanec

Brad Marchand isn’t a very big fan of Tomas Plekanec. When Marchand was asked which NHL player irritates him the most, he quickly responded with the name of the Montreal forward. 

Via, here is Marchand’s full answer:

“There are a few guys out there that really irritate. Tomas Plekanec from Montreal…I hate him. I can’t stand him. No, I probably shouldn’t say that. I dislike him very much. Now somebody is going to call and get mad at me tomorrow.”

Pot, meet kettle.

It’s rare you hear an NHL player open up and discuss opponents this bluntly, but it should come as no surprise that some guys around the league aren’t to fond of one another. At the same time, Marchand’s comments are a bit hypocritical considering he employs the same annoying trait – diving – which has fueled his hatred of Plekanec.

The other thing to note here is that this quote, along with other quotes from different Bruins we’ve seen this summer, illustrate that this team is still holding on to a pretty big grudge. The Bruins are still upset with the Canadiens and they appear to be trying to harness it and using it to build on their 2013-14 in the hopes of having a more successful 2014-15.

Now, if we only had a list of all the players who don’t like Marchand…

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