Canucks promise change with new slogan

The Vancouver Canucks are trying to rally interest for season tickets and they did so by promising that change is coming.

Normally a team’s marketing message isn’t worth discussing as they are tired cliches we’ve all heard before, but this one is a bit more interesting as it leads to several discussion points. Yes, it is something the team more or less stole from Game of Thrones, but it’s going to be interesting to look back and see how well the team lived up to their new motto.

One talking point about the slogan – perhaps most obvious – is the rumor that the Canucks will soon be unveiling an update to their uniform/look. There have been differing reports as to what that actually means, but the slogan would certainly back up a uniform change.

Then there’s the fact the Canucks are entering 2014-15 with a ton of question marks. The roster seen on opening night will be very different than the one Canucks fans grew accustomed to seeing last season. Change may be coming, but is it going to be positive? If the Canucks bomb in 2014-15 and match their most recent disappointing seasons, how silly is this slogan going to look?

Sports Marketing 101: Don’t promise anything which isn’t guaranteed. Don’t make an overly zealous claim which makes you look stupid at the end of the year.


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