Comcast Sportsnet Washington gets upset at @Senators joke

NHL teams' Twitter accounts are getting more interactive with fans and more snarky with opponents. Most folks find it fun, and a pleasant break from the usual "Read this news article here!" or "Check out this ticket deal!" tweets many accounts send out. The two most notable teams' accounts for being more than a little offbeat are the Los Angeles Kings' account and the Columbus Blue Jackets' account, whose bromance is the stuff of legends (#Lumbus 4 life).

The Ottawa Senators beat an Ovechkin-free Capitals team last night, and tweeted this out to celebrate:

It's just a jab. I'm about 100% sure that #ThanksObama has been linked to significantly worse jokes. But JP Finlay of CSN Washington didn't find anything about that tweet funny. Noooooo sir. Like so many others in Washington DC who have been offended by much, much less, Finlay issued a scathing takedown of something basically innocuous:

The tweet immediately gained a lot of attention, and fans of both teams reacted expectedly. Caps fans thought the Ottawa tweet over the line, while Sens fans thought it was funny, and worse, accurate. It should be noted the Caps played the game without their best player and current NHL leading goal scorer Alex Ovechkin, but the folks in charge of the Senators Twitter account failed to mention that.
It's no surpise [sic] a natural rivalry would exist between the capitals of the U.S. and Canada, but the tweet certainly marks the biggest shot one team has taken at the other. 
THAT was a shot? I would've figured something along the lines of "Ovechkin's been on the ice for over half of your goals. Good job playing like he wasn't missing" or "I guess, no one else can score except Ovi! Good job, good effort" or "Miss the Southeast yet?" would be more of a shot. This? Sheesh.

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