Evander Kane is frustrated by the Jets’ playoff drought

Another day, another story involving Evander Kane and his feelings about the Winnipeg Jets. We’ve already talked about how the Jets’ mishandling of their star is a mistake of epic proportions and how Kane has clearly hinted at wanting to find a new club. Now comes another interview in which Kane admits he’s pretty frustrated by the fact he hasn’t made the playoffs so far in his NHL career.

As seen on The Score, Kane commented on his frustrations:

“I don’t think anybody wants to not have any success, and not make the playoffs. If you went around the league, I don’t think you’d find anybody.

I’m used to winning. I only enjoy winning. From a young age and all the way to the NHL, I’ve won almost at every level. It’s … I’m going into my sixth season. It’s disappointing. Hopefully it’s something I can turn around. I like the big stage, I like the pressure, and the playoffs – there’s no better time; it gets chippy, it gets dirty, it gets physical, it’s fun. You get to score goals.

Watching it is great, but I’d like to be in it.”

It’s pretty easy to empathize with Kane here. The Jets have been a difficult team to follow, let alone play for, over the past several seasons. Kane is a young star and he wants the chance to prove himself on the game’s brightest stage.

Of course, this brings it back to the same debate: Will Kane be a long-term presence in Winnipeg? That answer may hinge on whether or not the team is able to shake their playoff drought. It’s clear the playoffs are one of Kane’s goals and he’s not going to stick around on a team that doesn’t appear to be a playoff contender.

With all of that being said, Kane is fond of coach Paul Maurice.

“Paul was great when he came in. There was a different feel in the room. He brought a different mentality, a different intensity to the team and I think that was a good thing for us. He’s a firey guy but a fair guy, and I think that passion that he brings should rub off on some of the guys.”

Stay tuned. This won’t be the last time we talk about Kane’s future with the Jets.

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