HBO may be trying to produce a 24/7-like show for the NHL playoffs

This tidbit was tucked away in a Sportsnet column yesterday. [ SN ]

Those who found the third season of HBO’s 24/7 less compelling than the previous two might be interested to know that the cable network hopes to take the behind-the-scenes concept to another level by getting embedded during the playoffs. Word has it that some NHL teams have already been approached to gauge their interest and at least one is open to the idea. While it probably won’t be pulled together by this spring, according to a source, it would be can’t-miss TV for hockey fans if it ever happened.

Yes. Please.

There were rumors of this after the first 24/7, but nothing ever became of it. The Winter Classic 24/7 love affair may be wearing off, but a playoff 24/7 would open up the NHL to what he craves most: the casual fan.

The one question about this though is we saw how the Leafs and Wings both rejected access to the cameras at one point. We also can't imagine the distraction of the cameras would be something teams would be okay with.

Maybe HBO plays it differently though? Maybe we don't see a weekly show during the playoffs and instead we get the show after the playoffs are over. Tons of options, and if the wheels are already spinning, who knows what is in store?

H/T to @mattheworres for the tip.