HBO still working with NHL to finalize deal for 24/7 in 2015

The road to the NHL Winter Classic has been greatly enhanced thanks to HBO’s annual 24/7 series which takes hockey fans behind the scenes with some of the league’s most familiar teams. The series has become such a success that many fans anticipate watching the weekly installment more than they anticipate the actual Winter Classic itself.

To date we haven’t heard much about an installment of 24/7 for the 2014-15 season, but apparently the two sides are talking.

Via CSN Chicago, here’s a comment on the situation from HBO’s Sports President Ken Hershman:

“We’re having a series of meetings with the NHL discussing how we move forward on that project. Hopefully, we’ll have something to announce shortly.”

That doesn’t really give away much, but it sounds like 24/7 will once again take place. That’s a good thing as it will follow the Chicago Blackhawks and the Washington Capitals before they meet at the 2015 Winter Classic.

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