Hextall doesn’t think Flyers are elite, but believes they can win

Are the Philadelphia Flyers an elite team? According to Philadelphia GM Ron Hextall, the Flyers aren’t a member of the NHL’s elite group of teams. Though that position may sound like it’s coming from a person who doesn’t have a lot of faith in his squad, Hextall firmly believes his team has what it takes to win.

He also takes a nice shot at the New York Rangers.

As seen on CSN Philly, here’s what Hextall had to say:

“The thing I look at and my focus right now is to get us into that elite group. I will say I don’t think we’re with that elite group but that doesn’t mean we can’t win. You can fricking win. It comes down to will and everything else. The Rangers are a good example. Are they in that group right now where we say, ‘OK, these are the top few teams in the league that can win the Cup?’ … We want to get into that elite group and I believe we are headed in that direction. It’s tough to put a time [table] on it.”

This is actually a very refreshing and honest take. Most would agree that the Flyers are still a few pieces away from joining the league’s elite, but that they’re still capable of being a competitive side in 2014-15.

Flyers fans may be a bit disappointed as these comments may come across as being a bit too truthful, but they’ll probably love Hextall’s slam on the Rangers. It’s a strong, yet perhaps factual, statement to point at the team which narrowly missed out on the Stanley Cup and place them outside of the elite teams in the NHL. Their play in the Final against LA may have deserved criticism, but do the Flyers have much room to talk?

The Flyers still have plenty of question marks, but they should be a fun side to watch in 2014-15.

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