Jake McCabe hit on Daniel Paille stuns Bruins winger

The Bruins may’ve had an easy wrap up of the Presidents’ Trophy today, beating Buffalo 4-1, but one of their forwards did not have a smooth game. Daniel Paille, who has been concussed twice this season – once in December and again in March, may’ve suffered a third one in today’s game. This high hit by Jake McCabe on a vulnerable Paille knocked the winger for a loop:

He was stunned on the ice, and not in much better shape when he got up. Paille appeared to be looking downwards a bit as McCabe came in from the hit, putting his head in a vulnerable position. Regardless of intent, McCabe was given five minutes for interference and a game misconduct for the hit.

After the game, McCabe said that the hit was unintentional.

“My intentions were shoulder to the chest,” McCabe said. “I don’t think I raised my elbow at all. That was my thought as soon as it happened.

“I got called for interference. I don’t think it was too late. He tried to go through me. I kept my hands down. It was just kind of an unfortunate play. His head was down. It’s too bad.”

To Paille’s credit, he did pass a concussion screening after the game. Better safe than sorry with the forward and his history, though.

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