Martin St. Louis scores on Mother’s Day

Martin St. Louis’ mother, France, passed away Thursday at the age of 63 suddenly from a heart attack. He shocked many people when he played that night in the Rangers’ 5-1 thumping of the Penguins. St. Louis said it was part of the coping process, to get back on the ice and just do what comes naturally.

“I’m glad we’re able to get this win and stay alive,” St. Louis said. “She was a great lady, the best human being I’ve ever known in my life. I owed it to her to do it. I know she would have wanted me to play.”

St. Louis’ father and sister were in attendance tonight for game six of the series in New York. The crowd serenaded St. Louis with chants of “Marty! Marty!” before he was even on the ice. There was a palpable feeling in the building of the crowd and the team needing this one for St Louis.

St. Louis got the first one for himself.

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