Nazem Kadri calls out fan who tossed jersey on the ice

The latest trend in hockey is to throw your jersey out on the ice to show your displeasure with the team. The ritual, one which has been met with mixed reactions by the hockey community, popped up in Toronto while the Maple Leafs were struggling against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Here’s a video of the jersey toss:

Throwing a jersey on the ice just two games into the year seems a bit extreme, doesn’t it? Still, it definitely gets people talking and it caught the attention of the players. Nazem Kadri voiced his opinion on the incident and he wasn’t too fond of the fan in question.

Kadri makes a few interesting points. Players probably are pretty frustrated to see a fan react that way so early in the season, even if expectations are high. That’s not to say the Maple Leafs weren’t bad that night (they were), but it’s a safe guess that this “fan” will show up and root the Leafs on should they contend at the end of the year.

The jersey toss in Edmonton last year made a lot of sense as the Oilers once again looked pathetic despite a ton of top draft picks in the roster. The jersey toss in Edmonton to start this season was pretty foolish as it was the team’s first game and the fan accidentally chucked their phone too. Oops.

What do you think of the jersey toss? Creative protest or fans just trying to get attention for themselves?

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