NHL reaches content deal with GoPro

GoPro footage of NHL games will be coming to a broadcast and commercial near you. The NHL has reached a content deal with GoPro which will offer special footage from the point of view of the league’s brightest players.

Via AdWeek, here’s what the league has in mind:

The NHL will use GoPro’s POV footage in promo campaigns for the new season starting Oct. 8. The league’s two national TV partners—NBC Sports in the U.S. and Rogers in Canada—will also weave clips into game telecasts to illustrate the shooting, stickhandling and skating skills of NHL stars, said Bob Chesterman, NHL’s svp of programming.

The players won’t be wearing the cameras during the regular season for obvious reasons, but numerous skaters wore the cameras during the NHL/NHLPA Player Media Tour. The hope is that the footage captured will be useful to highlight different actions and sequences during games this season. Though it might look odd to cut from game footage to pre-recorded footage from several weeks or months earlier, the unique angles from the GoPro footage should still prove entertaining.


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