NHL’s Competition Committee discusses embellishment and more severe punishments

The topic of embellishment is a growing area of concern in the NHL. More players are trying to draw calls and more officials are falling for the act. How should the league address the issue? The topic was discussed by the NHL’s Competition Committee and it looks like there may be some changes made in regards to how the league handles players guilty of embellishing.

First, it’s clear that fans aren’t the only ones aware of the issue:

Next, here’s a summary of what’s been discussed/proposed:

Interesting. If a player is punished for a dive, there’s a chance his coach and the organization will be as well. That’s an interesting twist and it’s probably going to be met with some criticism. The assumption may be that a coach can help prevent embellishment by specifically instructing his players not to do so, but it’s ultimately the player who is acting. A penalty given to both the player and the coach would make playing someone such as Mike Smith (just one example) a bit more risky.

Currently, the NHL usually hands out matching minors if they suspect a dive or embellishment. It’s always been a puzzling decision. How can a tripping call be both a trip and a dive? Clearly, the whole process needs an overhaul, but we’ll have to wait and see if this is the right direction for the NHL to head.

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