Niklas Hjalmarsson can’t talk, but will play hockey

Every year, hockey fans rally around how tough the sport’s players are during the playoffs. There’s the usual broken bones, sprains, strains and other familiar injuries, but every now and then there comes an injury which really grabs your attention. Chicago’s Niklas Hjalmarsson won’t miss any time after taking a puck to the throat in Game 2 against the Wild, but he won’t be able to talk.

How bizarre. Cleared to play, not to talk.

You have to imagine this will be easier said than done. Hockey is a game which relies heavily on constant communication and it’ll be interesting to see how Hjalmarsson fairs when he’s unable to call for the puck or talk to his fellow defensemen.

Regardless of the severity of the injury, we’re betting Hjalmarsson says something if he lights the lamp as this series progresses.

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