Now it looks like the Bruins want to keep Brad Marchand

Rumors suggesting the Boston Bruins want to trade away Brad Marchand have been circulating ever since the team was booted from the playoffs. A few reports even suggested that a possible Marchand for Patrick Marleau trade was in the works. If there’s smoke there’s fire, right? That’s not always the case.

Boston GM Peter Chiarelli told WEEI that he has no intention of trading Marchand.

“I have had no discussions for Marchand and I have no plans to trade him. I don’€™t make it a practice to respond to reports in the social media but occasionally it is necessary.”

The Marleau for Marchand rumor never really made much sense considering Marleau’s age and large salary, but Chiarelli went one step further and refuted all of the rumors suggesting he wants to deal his pesky forward. It’s rare you see something like this happen, but apparently the rumors were so far off and disruptive enough that Chiarelli believed he needed to make a public statement.

Of course, things could change. It’s interesting that Chiarelli makes it sound like there was never a chance Marchand would be traded in the first place despite several sources reporting differently. There’s no such thing as an untouchable player if the price is right, but for now it’s safe to say that a Marchand trade would be a major surprise based on Chiarelli’s comments.

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