Outside the Crease: Bill McCreary’s cousin Bill McCreary destroyed Wayne Gretzky

We were researching something about referee Bill McCreary’s career, and we came across this myth-busting post. [ The Short Career of Bill McCreary Jr.]

It all centers around this crushing hit on Wayne Gretzky:

For the longest time, we thought it was hall-of-fame official Bill McCreary that did it. Not so fast says Scottysportsworld.blogspot:

He came from a hockey family. Here’s where it gets confusing.
His father, William, played parts of four seasons (27 games) with the Rangers, Wings and Canadians. In the summer of ’67, the elder McCreary was traded to the expansion St. Louis Blues, where he embarked on a useful four seasons, even leading the league in short-handed goals in 67/68.

Also in the ‘67 expansion, Uncle Keith McCreary was plucked from the Montreal Canadians by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Later traded to Atlanta, Keith managed three 20 goal seasons.

Another uncle, Ron Attwell played 22 games with St Louis and New York that same season. Cousin Bob Attwell made his debut in 1979/80, playing seven games that year and 15 more the next.

His other cousin, Bill McCreary, from Guelph, is the referee!

McCreary would go on to play only 11 more games in NHL. He remains one of the few players to ever have lined the Great One up.

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