Ondrej Pavelec could tie an ugly NHL record with another bad season

Since 2011-12, Ondrej Pavelec has allowed a lot of goals. He was beaten 163 times in 2013-14, 119 times in 2012-13 and 191 times in 2011-12 for a total of 473 goals in 169 games over the course of three seasons. What’s the significance? Remarkably, Pavelec has allowed the most goals of any NHL netminder in each of the last three seasons.

If Pavelec is torched again in 2014-15, he has a chance to become the co-owner of a rather ugly NHL record. By allowing the most goals in each of the last three seasons, Pavelec can tie John Ross Roach and Roger Crozier for the most consecutive seasons with the most goals against if he finishes at the bottom of the pack again this year. You can see his progress over on Hockey Reference.

Considering Pavelec is still the main man in Winnipeg’s crease and the club still has some big holes around its roster, you have to imagine that the netminder has a shot to earn an unfortunate spot in NHL history.

(H/T Reddit Hockey)

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